November 01, 2016

Bad Moms loses the funny if you're not a mum between 20-40.

Bad Moms discusses the pressure parents, mainly mothers, put on themselves to be a perfect parent; to run a life consisting of a high-powered job, taking care of the family home, looking after the kids (doing their homework, taking them to all their after-school clubs, providing them with balanced meals) and also looking after their husband. During the film three mothers, all having their own separate and very different issues join up to get away from daily life and conventional responsibilities to let them think about what really is important to them, and think about how they want their family life to be. On paper it sounds like something you would want to watch, you can imagine the comedy that could happen, and how it would be really cool to see all these woman (great cast) let loose. Unfortunately, this film is so targeted to 20-40-year-old mums, I don’t think anyone else could really enjoy it.

I mean don’t get me wrong there are some laugh out loud moments, but they are far and few between. Unlike the amount of times pop songs bust out and they give us some slow-motion action shots, that just get more tedious the more the film continues. It felt like the film was planned around these moments.

I think marketing this film as ‘from the writers of Hangover’ is very misleading, although true. If this film was anything like Hangover it would have been much more popular, but the cheesy safeness of this film is not something I would recommend.

Bad Moms is the great-aunt of Mean Girls, she’s trying too hard, name dropping to get people talking to her and bringing up popular culture to make herself seem younger.


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